Title:  Murder at Monticello
Authors:  Rita Mae Brown
Publisher:  Random House Publishing Group
Publication Time:  March 2004
ISBNs:  9780553572353, 9780553898637
Imprint:  Crimeline
Languages:  English


Mrs. Murphy digs into Virginia history—and gets her paws on a killer.

The most popular citizen of Virginia has been dead for nearly 170 years. That hasn't stopped the good people of tiny Crozet, Virginia, from taking pride in every aspect of Thomas Jefferson's life. But when an archaeological dig of the slave quarters at Jefferson's home, Monticello, uncovers a shocking secret, emotions in Crozet run high—dangerously high.

The stunning discovery at Monticello hints a hidden passions and age-old scandals. As postmistress Mary Minor "Harry" Haristeen and some of Crozet's Very Best People try to learn the identity of a centuries-old skeleton—and the reason behind the murder—Harry's tiger cat, Mrs. Murphy, and her canine and feline friends attempt to sniff out a modern-day killer. Mrs. Murphy and corgi Tee Tucker will stick their paws into the darker mysteries of human nature to solve murders old and new—before curiosity can kill the cat—and Harry Haristeen.


***12 "You don't have to be a cat lover to love Murder at Monticello."—Indianapolis Star

Murder at Monticello

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