Title:  Plants of Western New South Wales
Authors:  GM Cunningham; WE Mulham; PL Milthorpe; JH Leigh
Publisher:  CSIRO Publishing
Publication Time:  July 2011
ISBNs:  0643104275, 9780643103634, 9780643104273, 9780643104280
Imprint:  CSIRO Publishing
Languages:  English


Plants of Western New South Wales grew from the long experience and expertise which the authors acquired during their employment with their respective organisations in the arid and semi-arid pastoral areas of the State. Each author became aware of the need for a comprehensive record illustrating and describing the great array of plants in the area. The need was identified both for people involved in research and advisory services, and particularly for the landholders who need to manage the plants for their livelihood.The book is a landmark because it draws together all of the existing knowledge of plants from the area, adds to it the extensive collections and research of the authors and presents the whole as a comprehensive collation and description of the plants of the dry pastoral portion of the State. Because of its comprehensive nature, the work is significant to pastoralists and people concerned with plants throughout Australia.The 1992 edition of Plants of Western New South Wales has been reprinted and published by CSIRO PUBLISHING with a one page appendix giving website addresses of various herbaria in Australia where the reader can readily access up-to-date information on botanical name changes.

Plants of Western New South Wales


WE Mulham

JH Leigh