Title:  The Perfectly Trained Parrot
Authors:  Rebecca K. O'Connor
Publisher:  TFH Publications, Inc
Publication Time:  January 2014
ISBNs:  0793849543, 9780793807208, 9780793849543
Edition:  1
Imprint:  TFH Publications, Inc
Languages:  English


A properly trained parrot is a wonderful pet—and a poorly trained parrot can be a feathered monster. The Perfectly Trained Parrot gives you the tools to ensure that you live with the wonderful pet, not the monster! This comprehensive guide contains methods and advice to ensure that your bird becomes a social, tame, and fun companion. Author Rebecca K. O'Connor, a professional bird trainer, advocates only positive and humane methods—methods that will make training fun for both you and your bird. Whether you just want a parrot that sits on your hand and doesn't bite you or you want to train your parrot to fly through hoops, this book had all the tools you'll need to succeed.

The Perfectly Trained Parrot