Title:  Yatdjuligin
Authors:  Odette Best (ed.); Bronwyn Fredericks (ed.)
Publisher:  Cambridge University Press
Publication Time:  December 2017
ISBNs:  9781316642177, 9781108652544, 9781108587136
Edition:  2
Imprint:  Cambridge University Press
Languages:  English


Yatdjuligin: Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Nursing and Midwifery Care introduces students to the fundamentals of the health care of Indigenous Australians from the perspectives of both the patient and the professional. Designed for both non-Indigenous and Indigenous nurses and midwives who will work with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander patients, this book addresses the relationship between Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures and mainstream health services, and prepares students for practice in a variety of contexts. Fully updated to reflect the latest research, this new edition includes new chapters on child health and mental health. Updated online resources provide lecturers with resources to support student learning. Written by leading Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander nursing and midwifery academics and practising nurses, Yatdjuligin is an indispensable resource that encourages students to reflect on their values and attitudes towards Indigenous people and health.